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  • Kilfenora Ceili Band - Leyden's Reels - Century
  • Dan Possumato - Da Eye Wifey - Tunes Inside
  • Danú - The Old Ruined Cottage In The Glen / The Morning Dew / Think Before You Think Before You Speak / The First Month Of Spring - Think Before You Think
  • Sean Keane - Hearts with Scars - Gratitude
  • Charlie Landsborough - White Lies and Windows - What Colour is the Wind
  • Dolores Keane - May Morning Dew - May Morning Dew
  • Ultan Conlon - In The Blink Of An Eye - There's A Waltz
  • John Spillane - Bishopstown - 100 Snow White Horses
  • Danny Ellis - On the Bus Back Home - 800 Voices My Childhood in an Irish Orphanage
  • Danny Ellis - Gold - Space Between the Lines


Welcome to the Irish Radio Canada Website. We are proud to share our Internet Radio Station. In 2005 we commenced On-Air broadcasting with CHIN 97.9FM producing and presenting The Gaelic Hour as a weekly show. in Sept 2016 we launched this new format. You can now enjoy a selection of music every day and we will be able to expand on the number of hours of interviews, as time goes on. I would like to encourage you to submit your music selection and hopefully I can find what you like in my library. The Archives section of the site will continue to provide access to the Gaelic Hour shows since 2006. Twitter, facebook page and group will become more relevant in communicating and I hope to increase the use of Instagram as time goes on. If you have some suggestions, please visit the contact page and send on your ideas. The 11 years on air have been fun, but the effort in raising the large sum required to buy the time has become more onerous and the online station offers the opportunity to increase content and reduce costs. You can listen to the station using a variety of tools. The player on this page may be the simplest. The links below provide additional choices of players. Also, you can use your Smart Speaker to ask Alexa or Google for "Irish Radio Canada from TuneIn" I hope you enjoy and continue to listen. Austin.